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Easter is the season of new life and growth; give yourself new life, put a spring in your step. Stop Smoking now

Dr Electra Soady Using her considerable skills and experience in hypnotherapy, NLP, CBH, psychotherapy  and coaching will guide you from the point you decide to control the smoking habit right through to celebrating your success. Only 6% of smokers manage to quit through sheer willpower, 9% through self help and 10% with nicotine gum. Dr Soady’s success rate is around 85%, with something like 80% of people quitting after just one session.

These results exceed the scientifically calculated averages according to the New Scientist. This is because, rather than just using an off the wall standard text, she tailor makes the hypnotic script to suit your own needs and personality. To achieve this she also offers longer sessions than the standard 1 hour. So, when you begin the therapy, and after an explanation of what hypnotherapy is and why it works, you will be asked to talk about your smoking history and current habits, and things like your hobbies and what made you to want to quit now. It is important that Dr Soady gathers from you all the relevant information, so she can choose the combination of techniques which will be most effective for you personally.  

Tried to stop smoking again and again?Our QUIT SMOKING SERVICE  helps you through an easy and quick process to become a non smoker for life using hypnotherapy. Stopping smoking through hypnotherapy is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to become a non-smoker for life (New Scientist, issue 1845, Oct 92, p 6).

All you have to do is really want to quit, and give yourself permission to stop the habit which is costing you a fortune while slowly killing you. Our £147 package on offer includes:    A free initial half hour assessment, continued /  followed up, if you wish, with:  Up to 3 sessions, each lasting typically 2 hours (or longer if this is what  you need)  during the following 6 months.   Telephone/ e-mail  text support after treatment, during the following year, as and if required.
A free Quit Smoking book (though most clients don’t need it), a free relaxation CD and a recording of your session.

Incredibly, most people kick the habit after one session only, and with minimum help afterwards. But those who may require further help are welcome back for further sessions

If you need more information, or you are ready to say YES!  to a healthier future (and save money too) ring the Centre on 01922 649 142 and ask to speak to Electra or Andrea or email 

Alternatively make an appointment via the contact us page or the Book Now icon on our website

Dr Electra Soady (PhD), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, CBT and NLP coach specialist.

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