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Welcome to Andrea Bradley’s Hypnotherapy at Walsall Mind and Body Wellbeing

Do you find yourself
• Experiencing anxiety depression and panic, low mood or mood swings?
• Struggling to manage the symptoms medical conditions such as chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, chronic fatigue.
• Finding it difficult to change your habits, or unhelpful behaviours such as becoming smoke free managing your weight and healthy eating, taking care of and valuing yourself.
• Feeling you need to increase your confidence and self esteem.
• Struggling with Stress management.

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• Having specific have specific performance issues such as public speaking, sales, team leadership, personal motivation.
• Being effected by Trauma from the past, that impacts on how you feel day to day.
Worrying about your children with challenges such as behavioural issues, developmental delay, bedwetting, bullying and self confidence.
Struggling with Fears, phobias that get in the way of living live the way you would wish.
• Limiting yourself to certain foods restricting your intake to things you find easy but are not healthy.
These are all things Andrea has worked with.
These are all things which can have implications for your Mind and Body Wellbeing.

My name is Andrea Bradley, A Clinical Hypnotherapist and the Manager of Walsall Mind and Body Wellbeing, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our website, I hope you find what you need here. If you don’t, give me a call and let’s talk. Landline 01922649142 or text/ring/WhatsApp 07495893708 Call Andrea

Walsall Mind and Body has been a well respected and trusted brand in Walsall for more than a decade. We have a great track record of taking care of local people by providing award winning services recognised nationally and locally.

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Look again at the list and you might see that underlying all of this is a combination of mood / emotional responses. These affect the choices we make and how we respond to situations, this can both create and reinforce the problem. A negative spiral that can if left unchallenged can go on to create more problems in the future! Is that something you would like to avoid?

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Let’s look at the physical symptoms of anxiety and depression. Anxiety can lead to some or all of these symptoms:

o dizziness
o tiredness
o a noticeably strong, fast or irregular heartbeat (palpitations)
o muscle aches and tension
o trembling or shaking
o dry mouth
o excessive sweating
o shortness of breath
o stomach ache
o feeling sick
o headache
o pins and needles
o difficulty falling or staying asleep (insomnia)
It can also lead to High Blood Pressure, compromised immune system and may even play a role in serious medical conditions, such as heart disease, stroke or cancer. It’s all certainly something we could do without.

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We can offer you a wide range of options for talking therapies, available at various locations around Walsall and beyond.

How Andrea can help you embrace change

Andrea describes herself as a ‘Mindset Mechanic’, with a toolkit that includes Psychology, Psychotherapy, Ericssonian Hypnotherapy and NLP. Andrea’s results and client feedback stand testament to the impact of her work over the years. ‘
‘Walsall Mind and Body Wellbeing’ has for more than a decade been Walsall’s premier provider of Hypnotherapy, meditation coaching and other complimentary health care.
Whether you are looking to de-stress or looking to improve your coping skills, change your habits or let go of fears and phobias, Andrea is the person to speak to.

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Treatments offered:
 Hypnotherapy
A way to harness the vast resources of your unconscious mind to achieve last change. We use a combination of discussion and trance work along with interactive techniques such as NLP and EMDR to achieve harmony between your conscious intentions and your unconscious resources.
 Coaching
Sometimes our own resolve to change isn’t enough to get us motivated and moving in the right direction. The role of a coach is to work with you and act as a critical friend through the process of change. Unlike mentoring, coaching isn’t about working with someone who has faced the same issues, it’s about having someone external to the situation, who has the correct balance of objectivity and skills to guide you through it. Andrea has undertaken training in Coaching and uses a range of techniques including NLP. Andrea also works with other specialists so if your journey is best served by another guide Andrea can make that happen. Areas Andrea has specific experience and expertise in coaching include:
o Executive Coaching, Andrea was formerly a CEO in the charitable sector
o Performance improvement in the workplace
o Coaching people to step up to the next level in their career, or change direction to get the career they want.
o Relationship coaching, guiding couple through a process of change to improve their relationship.
o Parent craft for change, working with parents, children and young people to improve relationships. This isn’t about telling anyone how to raise their children it’s an interactive process to assist both parents and their children to find positive solutions.
 Mediation classes and one to one tuition
Andrea has been a practitioner of Meditation for about 40 years and has run what participants have described as life changing mediation courses and retreats across the Midlands and Wales. Andrea also offers 1 2 1 tuition for beginners to help you get started.
 Stop smoking
The need to help people to quit smoking is something Andrea feels passionately about having lost a number of loved ones to illness‘s that were smoking related.
 Weight loss.
The Hypnogastric approach to weight loss is a methodology which Andrea and her close colleague Dr Electra Soady developed. It brings together the best elements of Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, combined with NLP, ongoing support and specific (Non-Medical) dietary options.

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Watch this space for details of our new range of services for during Lockdown, and the options that will become available after Lockdown.

We will be running online relaxation sessions, meditation classes and other group activities

Our Hypnotherapy Treatments, Coaching and 1-2-1 meditation sessions all moved online during the Lockdown, but as the lockdown is gradually lifting , more of our services is move back out into the ‘real world’ once again.

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