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Our office in Willenhall

Welcome to our home

The therapy suite

We are located at West Midlands House in Gipsy Lane Willenhall and provide our treatments in a dedicated treatment suite on site. There is ample free parking opposite, and a pleasant reception area where you can wait when you arrive, while Andrea comes to collect you.

Meetings and treatments are available by prior booking only.

Free parking directly opposite

Due to the restrictions that have resulted from the CORONAVIRUS we have reduced the number of physical locations where treatments can be provided. When the current situation eases we will be able to reintroduce other options around the area. The two biggest changes are:

  • We no longer operate from Walsall Mind and Body Centre on the Broadway in Walsall.
  • We no longer operate a physical presence in Shropshire.

However clients from these locations can be seen via Zoom, or if you prefer can visit us in Willenhall.

West Midlands House, Gipsy Lane, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 2HA
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