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What is meant by the term complementary therapy and why should we all be getting in on the act?

Walsall Mind and Body is an holistic health centre, but many people are unfamiliar with that word, so we use it less often these days. Holistic health is characterised by the belief a person is more than the sum of our parts, that these parts (our Mind and Body, with all that that entails) are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Holistic health treats the whole person, taking into account mental emotional and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. This used to be a marginalised and ‘out there’ concept but increasingly modern medicine is recognising the interconnectedness of factors which; predispose us to illness, affect our mental and emotional wellbeing, impact on recovery times etc. In other words modern medicine is becoming more holistic.

When I talk to people I use a range of words and sometimes unfamiliar terms to explain or work, so lets have a look at what they mean and how this relates to you.

I offer talking therapy as a clinical hypnotherapist obviously this includes hypnotherapy. My colleagues at our centre of other talking therapies such as counselling and clinical psychology. Other therapists working within our team offer physical therapies such as physiotherapy, massage, reflexology. That’s a bit of a mouthful over the phone! So I thought I would explain what these treatments have in common, why they all sit neatly under one umbrella within our centre.

Here at Walsall Mind and Body we offer a range of services which sit within a field referred as ‘integrative health care’ what this means is mainstream health services working with other services which are seen as either allied to medicine (such as Physiotherapy) mental health (Clinical Psychologists) or Complementary therapies (Clinical hypnotherapy, massage, reflexology). 

We are not an alternative to medicine, we work in an integrated way with mainstream medicine. We take referrals from other services and have worked for the NHS providing therapy sessions, we do reports for personal injury cases and send information to GPs about conditions we are treating (with the clients consent of course) our aim being to be part of your ‘treatment plan’ and on your ‘care team’ as we often say to clients ‘taking care of you is at the heart of all that we do’.

To try and put this across more easily we use the phrase ‘complementary and natural health care services’ our services being a complement  to the rest of your treatment were appropriate or the provider of your treatment where that’s the best option for you. The advantage of our provision as a front line first port of call is that we can usually get you seen within a few days, and in many cases the same or the following day, so for something like a pulled muscle or back ache we can probably get you back to work more quickly (and often with less pain killers) than your GP who would need to refer you on. 

Another advantage of our services is that they are often covered by private health insurance. This usually works through a pay and reclaim process and most insurers can provide a list of what is covered and what the conditions for cover are, if you get that info and ring us we can look at these and see if the treatment would be covered. We can also provide packages of treatments to keep prices down, and let’s be honest our prices are in any case very good value, especially compared to time off work for the self employed.


We hope this has put a bit of context around our work, if you would like to find out more, just ask to speak to me and I’ll be more than happy to help. I also give talks on complimentary and natural health care to clubs and associations so get in touch to discuss that

Andrea Bradley

Centre manager and principle therapist

Walsall Mind and Body Centre Complementary and Natural Health Care Services

4a Hawes CloseFullbrookThe BroadwayWalsall 



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