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The ‘A Mindful Life’ is an innovative new programme combining Mindfulness with other techniques

A Mindful Life, the course to help you get where you want to be by knowing where you really are.


The ‘A Mindful Life’ is an innovative new programme aimed at helping people to overcome the obstacles that act as barriers to a peaceful, centred and fulfilled life. The course uses a combination of Mindfulness , MBSR, MBCT, CBT, NLP and self Hypnosis, synthesised into a straight forward framework suitable for anyone no previous experience required.


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Each session consists of a basic grounding mediation to help us to get into the right Mindset to participate, followed by a discussion on the topic of the session accompanied by specific activities which we learn and then apply to given situations in our everyday life.



The overall aim of the course is to enable people to make their life feel better, and feel better about their life. We can’t always choose what goes on in our lives, things such as work pressure, relationship problems or financial pressures, what we can choose (yes really) is how we respond to these challenges. The course helps us to learn how to make these choices by being able to reprogram our thought habits and take control of our actions mindfully.

The class us taught by our experienced meditation teacher Andrea Bradley who developed this programme as a way of providing people with the opportunity to take back control in situations which often feel outside of our control.

different people react differently in the same situation, because we generally learn how to respond based on our past experience, so let’s use that same learning process but take control of it mindfully.


The only commitment required is to attend a course of 4 sessions. The course runs in a series of short courses of 4 weeks each. In total we look at 12 life areas, and to to cover all of the 12 topics involves 4 short courses, however attending 1 block will give sufficient grounding in the techniques so with practice you may choose to apply this to your life after 1 course. The venue will be confirmed when you book, but will be local to our centre.

Ring 01922649142 for details bookeing is essential


The next course will run on a Monday evening 6.30 till 8pm approximately

Monday 28th of September, 5th of October, 12th of October, 19th of October.