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Keeping Walsall moving with Sports Massage

Walsall is an active place, with lots of sports clubs open spaces and organised events? At Walsall Mind and Body lots of our clients are Athletes and people who spend lots of time in the gym, but the majority are just working folk doing their very best to stay healthy and well sometimes not as successfully as they might wish. Keeping fit can be a hard slog, and for many of us, just staying in shape is a challenge when we have desk jobs or other sedentary habits. But fitness and performance is not just about athletics or looking good, it’s also about maintaining our health and well being. We may not archive the peak fitness of a top athlete, but by being active,developing and enhancing the action of muscles, by having a healthy heart and lungs we can avoid future health problems and things like getting out of breath while doing simple tasks. 

Muscles are at the core of this, coordination, strength, stamina the ability to stretch and flex all require particular muscles used for every day movement, lifting carrying and walking. We all have some common basic needs, but then depending on lifestyle some individual needs vary. We all need stability of posture, upper body strength and hand eye coordination, with a balance of gross and fine motor skills, strong leg muscles. In addition some of us will require extra development to enable us to do our jobs. For example a roofer Needs a flexible posture, strong leg muscles, and the ability to balance, lift, stretch, twist and bend.

In developing or maintaining our body we need to pay attention to aches and pains as these can be messages from muscles, bones and joints asking for help.  Anyone can benefit from a sports massage, because it not only enhances your fitness, it also reduces the risk of injury and enables you to sustain the wellbeing of your muscles for longer and over a longer period of time. Athletes, active people, less active people, people with active or sedentary jobs can all  benefit from the kind of massage that will focus on issues such as the build up of stress in hypertonic muscle. 
This type of massage is very varied and not always about lying down and relaxing while a therapist works on your muscles with gentle strokes, although that may be included, sometimes it is is an active and interactive form of treatment which involves the active manipulation of soft tissue, flexing of joints, pressure on trigger points and deep intensive work on specific muscles. Unlike a full body Swedish massage, sports massage will focus on particular muscle or set of muscles and work on them extensively.

The benefits of ongoing sports massage include; reduced recovery time after an injury (major or minor) reduced risk of minor injury or wear and tear resulting from routine performance and reduction in the risk of major injury due to accidents or overreaching in activities (think about Wayne Rooneys famous metatarsal or the crusciate ligament injuries which are the Bain of footballers) the extension of your active years and of course better health and well being.
At Walsall MindandBody we recommend building up a relationship with your sports massage therapist discussing with them, your lifestyle,sport or gym programme were appropriate, your occupation and its demands, your strengths and weakness’s etc so they can help you improve and plan. By getting to know your aims they can work closely with you to help you achieve them and keep in tip top shape. 
Our Sports Therapisty Department is staffed by Ashleigh Lewis and Immaculate Vengesai both very experienced and highly qualified specialists with years in the field, very highly qualified (each with a degree) and trained in a wide range of techniques including specialist training including sports massage. our staff keep up to date with developments in the field and regularly updates he training. Immaculate or Ashleigh are always happy to give advise and help people work out what’s the best approach for them.

Our sports therapists works as part of our multi disciplinary team, alongside our Physiotherapist Caroline Etunyi (who also offers Acupuncture for pain management) and other other therapists including a homeopath (think remedies and preventatives care) hypnotherapists (one of whom specialises in sports performance enhances) and aromatherapist (a wide range of uses in terms of maintaining muscle health) and a clinical psychologist (think psychology of sport). So if you are an athlete we can help you, but if your not an athlete, we can help you, we treat police officers, fire officers, window cleaners roofers, builders and just folk who work out at the gym. 
If you would like a chat with Ashleigh or Immaculate ring us on 01922 649142

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