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Is it really possible to cure a phobia?

National Council for Hypnotherapy Gill Wood,  gave an interview with an overview of her work on phobias. Gill has a general practice in London and has a special interest in dealing with phobias. She says she finds working with clients who have a phobia is great because she can often get really significant results in two or three hours. Many of her clients have lived with a phobia for years and it has completely compromised their ability to live a normal life. Often these people have tried all sorts of other things with no success. So, says Gill, to work with someone to enable them to get back in the world and do things they couldn’t do before is one of the most rewarding parts of their practice. Gill has many examples of how she has helped someone overcome a phobia and change life for the better. She talks about a lady in her late 20s who was engaged and planning a dream honeymoon in the Seychelles. But she also had a spider phobia and was then told that there were many spiders, including some living in trees in the Seychelles.

Her phobia was so bad that at the beginning of her first session she could not even say the word ‘spider’ – Gill had to use the term ‘s’ instead. Gill spent the first session uncovering the cause of the phobia (which turned out to be an event which had happened to the client when she was 10). By the end of this session Gill was able to bring in a box containing a cartoon video of a spider. Not only was the client able to tolerate the box, she also said she would try to watch the video! She came back for one more session, and by that time she had booked the honeymoon. Another success story was a teenage girl who needed to fly on a school trip. The girl’s flying phobia was so severe that she had got off planes on the tarmac before. A couple of hours of hypnotherapy did the trick and the girl flew on her trip. Her mum was pleased to receive an email saying her daughter had arrived and the flight had been fine. Another client who had a flying phobia, but this involved a phobia of being sick on a plane. Gill future paced her journey out and the client arrived just fine and had a great holiday. Unfortunately Gill had not future paced the return journey. The client, believing she had overcome her problem had a meal the evening before her return. But the difference between out and back was enough to see the phobia return. She came back to Gill on her return and a bit more work saw the phobia off for good. Gill said she really learnt from this just how unique and specific each phobia is to the individual and how the more precise the treatment is, the better the result will be. Gill frequently uses timeline regression to get to the cause of the phobia, she will then future pace the client. She also uses self help techniques and anchoring and sometimes uses EFT. She also uses the fast phobia cure.

Andrea Bradley, Clinical Hypnotherapist

My Name is Andrea Bradley an I work in Walsall Mind and Body Centre, on the Broadway near to the Fulbrook, and have worked very successfully for many years with fears and phobia’s. To discuss how I might help you please give me a call 01922 649142 Or visit our website at

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