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Gents skin care MOT and servicing at Walsall Mind and Body

New To Walsall Mind and Body Centre ‘The Gentleman’s Buff and Polish’

Men sharpen up your style and get skin savvy with skin treatment designed just for men.

Forget the clichés let’s face the facts with the effects of daily shaving, ingrown hairs, skin dryness and irritation you need to treat the skin on your face just as much, if not more than ladies do!

So if you’re looking for tighter, taught healthy skin or you want combat the signs ageing then buff- up and give your skin an m.o.t.

A basic service includes;

A deep cleanse

Skin buff exfoliation – to unclog the pores and banish in-grown hairs

A Seaweed mud mask- to drawing out impurities

Hot towel steaming – face is steamed using hot towels, restoring moisture and soothing irritation

A relaxing neck and shoulder massage

A vigorous head massage- great for clearing sinuses and relieving headaches

Your skin will then be polished to perfection with a facial oil, using natural oils to suit your skin type and applied in a facial massage.

The massage helps to restore muscle tone, working on the jawline to reduce that dreaded sagging chin! Then finger pressures and circling movements applied to the tight facial muscles to release tension and restore blood flow. The eye area is treated to prevent appearance of wrinkles and heavy bags and the forehead is also targeted to prevent from horizontal lines.

So if you’re in need of some maintenance and care are about your over-all physique don’t rule facials out the road to rejuvenation is open to you!

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