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Take a vacation from pain at Walsall Mind and Body

Take a vacation from pain with a massage at Walsall Mind and Body centre. 3 Top reasons you should book a massage today,

1. It can ease physical pain. Nothing can wreck good gym intentions faster than an aching back or stiff neck. Whether your ache is a result of a chronic pain disorder or because your muscles are sore from exercise, massage can give natural effective relief.
2. It reduces stress and tension headaches.Had a bad day — or a bad week — that leaves you with a nagging headache? Massage can help to release your natural anti-stress hormones,improve blood flow opening constricted capillaries which lead to tension headaches.
3. It will help you get a good night’s sleep. When you feel calm and relaxed, chances are you’ll sleep better. When you sleep better, you feel good — And when you feel good, you know you can do anything..
call 01922 649142 and make your appointment today, (weekends and evenings open till 8)

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