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Lymph Drainage massage at Walsall Mind and Body Centre (01922629142)

Author: Alex Simon

Alex Simon

Alex Simon

Lymphatic Drainage massage aims to detoxify by assisting in the movement of lymph; a watery fluid drained from the tissue, which carries metabolic wastes, excess water, bacteria and toxins out of the body.


Manual lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle but powerful treatment

It can benefit those who suffer with congestion or inflammation associated with migraines, sinusitis, swollen legs or ankles and also has positive effects on the appearance of cellulite and skin conditions. It can also be beneficial post-injury, to promote healing and skin regeneration and to athletes as part of a detox programme.

The treatment begins with a full body and head massage to help draw toxins out of the muscle and soft tissues and then trains them towards the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is then stimulated with long massaging strokes in and pumping movements are applied to specific nodes to assist them to flush the lymph away.

A natural health treatments that assists your body’s to clear itself functions.

Courses of treatment are recommended for maximum results, discounts available for pre-booked courses, with measurements taken on your first and last session so you can measure your results.