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How do we get stressed?

Stress affects most of the systems in the body, and can have a huge impact on the mind, think about that, it’s strange because stress originates in the mind. So this thing we call stress originates in the mind, and affects the mind, and then the body as well, how can that happen?

Most of us think of stress as the external situation “I have a stressful job” “my boss is giving me stress” “moving house is stressful” but some people in exactly the same situation would not be stressed. Stress is a mental response to a situation not the situation itself so these earlier statements could read “I find my job stressful” “working for my boss is difficult for me I get stressed” “I was very stressed when we moved house” now see what the difference is, in terms of where the stress is located.

Andrea Bradley

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Once we realise that stress is a reaction, we have choices, we can choose to react differently and that can lead to feeling differently. Beliefs create thought patterns, and we feel based on what we think. We can control what we think to an extent, but how much better and more fundamental to change what we believe. For example “no job is stressful it’s how we react and I choose to react by being really calm in situations that I used to find stressful” “I realised my boss is always stressed and tries to pass that on to others, now that I realise that; I choose not to react to that situation by being stressed” “last time I moved house I felt stressed so this time I chose to plan how to avoid experiencing moving in a way that led to stress, I took control of the whole situation, instead of reacting to it”

Stress management is about learning to recognise stress, locate the triggers and causes and dealing with it proactively to give ourselves more choice, more control, and less stress. A stress management consultant will guide you through learning the techniques and stratages, and then acting on them in your life. Taster sessions and short courses for individuals or groups are sometimes available, just to give you a taste if it’s benefits. to be kept informed about this send a text with the word “stress” to 07956322170 or ring 01922649142, or follow me on Facebook or twitter by clicking this link