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Electra Soady

Dr Electra Soady PhD, MInstPSM

Our quit4life specialist with years of experience helping people to stop smoking


Electra Soady specialises in helping people to make the best of themselves, to reach their personal goals and to have the life they want. With experience of being an “outsider” herself (Electra is Greek, but has lived in the UK for more than 30 years) she has spent most of her career working with women, people from ethnic minorities and people affected by social disadvantages.

Dr Electra Soady

“A qualified and successful hypnotherapist, I can help you transform your life easily and quickly, to become a life long, confirmed non-smoker”

Electra has also spent many years as a teacher and trainer, she holds a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning (on “social exclusion” under another name), two post graduate Diplomas in Education (with distinction), a certificate in TQM and a Teachers’ Certificate (cum magnum laudem and gold medal). She is a qualified therapist using her qualification in Neurolinguistic Programming with Hypnotherapy.

In addition to mentoring and other people skills, she possesses competencies in empowerment, participation and consultation, team working and customer care; a deep understanding of power relations; and experience in performance management and contemporary organisational strategy, review and development. She is flexible, approachable, creative and committed.

Electra says “Throughout my working life, I have had a strong interest in making learning an enjoyable experience and an effective tool for personal growth. During the last few years or so this interest in developing individuals’ competence and confidence has expanded into achieving personal success’

To bring all of these expIMG_0810-300x300eriences together, Electra is currently working at Walsall MindandBody Centre to support individuals to stop smoking through the quit4life programme, also to manage their weight, and is running short courses tailored around the needs of individuals to gain confidence, to gain promotion or a new job, or to achieve other personal goals.

Dr Electra Soady, an ex-smoker herself, specialises in supporting people who have decided to stop smoking. Using her considerable skills and experience in hypnotherapy, NLP, CBH, psychotherapy and coaching she will guide you from the point you decide to control the smoking habit right through to celebrating your success.

At Walsall Mind and Body we also provide services to companies and public and voluntary sector organisations. Electra is our key team member to work with these on Change Management Review and Development.


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