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Our People

Our Team


Andrea Bradley

Principal Therapist.

Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP.


Dr Electra Soady

Smoking Cessation.

Quit4Life Services.

Speaks English, Greek, French, Some Italian

Denver.Jones image

Denver Jones



Dr Nick Johl

Dr Nick Johl

Clinical Psychologist.

Speaks English and Punjabi


Dr Rhonda Lee Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, massage and nutrition

Holistic Physician
Integrated Medicine utilising Acupuncture, Nutrition, Aromatherapy

Speaks English, Chinese (Haka) and Urdu

Fiona Brighton Homeopath

Fiona Brighton


We carefully select the Drs therapists and other practitioners (hypnotherapists physiotherapists counsellors psychotherapists ETC) we work with to ensure that they are compatible with our ethos. All of our staff are fully qualified, insured and are members of professional bodies that regulate their practice. All of our current team have been to university, and in addition to our therapy qualifications, hold qualifications in anatomy and physiology. A number of our staff work in the NHS or other care settings. Our team includes several therapists with degrees, Post graduate qualifications (including masters degrees) Drs, and even a research PHD.

Personal ethos of Walsall Mind and Body Centre: We believe every person is of equal value and should be treated with equal respect and courtesy. The needs of our clients are paramount, and so taking care of our clients, will always be at the heart of all that we do. Read more

All therapists must take personal responsibility for professional standards and operate in line with our codes of conduct and ethical standards. To find out more about what we expect of our therapists

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* We occasionally offer placements to trainee therapists to assist their development, no client will be treated by a trainee without their prior knowledge and consent. All trainee’s are insured, carefully supervised and have been assessed as performing to a standard suitable for independent work with clients.