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Eucalyptus gives you winter help

The eucalyptus tree, originally native to Australia but now widespread has long been valued for the essential oil extracted from it. imageThe peoples native to Australia used it to tread wounds and prevent infection, but were well aware that the oils can also be toxic if used incorrectly, but if you don’t know an aboriginal healer, an aromatherapist can do just as well.

To fight get free of lingering infections and kill of the last of winter germs off, Eucalyptus oil can be a great help. The sweet woody smell is immune boosting, and can soothe cough and chest infections. It’s also a mood boosting enhancing oil commonly used to stimulate brain activity and improve spirits.

Eucalyptus is also used to treat flu, fever, muscle cramps and stains. Whilst eucalyptus is suitable for use in a vaporiser it must never be ingested and should be used with caution by the unqualified. Probably the best way to access the healing benefits of eucalyptus is in an aromatherapy massage, which builds on the natural actions of the oil by increasing circulation and improving lymph drainage, getting rid of toxins and fluid build up. The effect of of the oil of eucalyptus on mucus me ravines is greatly supported by the use of massage and really gets things clearing out.

To find out more ring our aromatherapist Alex SIMON, who can advise on the use of oils or better still, book a massage with her.