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Coaching is a relationship between two people were one (the coach) guides the other (the client) through a process of change to improve things for themselves.  Professional coaches can offer support in a number of areas and some specialise.  Area’s that may be covered by Dream Futures coaching include;


Executive coaching;

When a senior member of staff, for example a Chief Executive or director is coached to work towards a targeted set of personal development aims, which enable the client to progress professionally, improving personal effectiveness also to increase the impact of the work they do for their employer.  Many highly successful CEO’s have long term coaching relationships that allow them to continually improve and meet the changing needs of the work environment.


Business coaching;

An individual who wants to become more successful in the workplace, perhaps securing a promotion, changing direction or improving their performance in a specific way may work with a coach.  Sometimes coaches work with teams or departments to bring about improved effectiveness.


Life coaching;

At times most of us feel somewhat dissatisfied with our lives, perhaps we feel overwhelmed by the demands placed on us by everything we have to do.  The balance we achieve between work and personal life may not meet our personal needs.  Sometimes people decide that they want to make major changes in their lives and work with a coach to bring this about.


Relationship coaching;

In relationships sometimes it’s difficult to work effectively as a team to bring about changes no matter how much both partners want them.  In this situation the role of the coach can be to act as an impartial team member and guide, helping the couple towards goals they jointly agree.