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Sports therapy

Sports therapy with Mohammed Wasim BSc Hons

Mohammed is a member of the Society of Sports therapists, the recognised professional Body for Sports Therapists, having studies for his degree in sports therapy at the University of Birmingham. Mohammed has worked with football teams and Team GB, and provides diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of Muscular Skeletal problems.

What is Sports Therapy? 

The title is rather confusing because while it is often associated with elite athletes, it is used to treat all muscular skeletal problems, not just athletes. everyone from window cleaners to office mangers benefit from this kind of treatment.

Sports therapy is a form of healthcare focused on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of of patients to return to and maintain optimum levels of function and fitness, regardless of age or ability. Sports therapists work incorporates many of the procedures used by physiotherapist, osteopaths and chiropractors, it involves hands on manipulation and intense deep intramuscular interventions.

Sports therapists work to prevent injuries, recognise, manage and treat/ rehabilitate participants back to full fitness.  They do this by conducting a full assessments of the fitness level for an individual by testing joints for ease and range of movement, pain and dysfunction. They treat and mobilise injuries to alleviate pain  and implement exercise, core stability and injury prevention. Sports therapists provide Sports massage, but also much more besides. Our Sports therapists have both studied sports Science as part of university based degree programmes so you can be assured of the best and most up to date theory and practice.

Sports Therapy Massage

Is the application of massage and other integrated techniques to work deep in the muscles, realigning the muscle fibres and flushing away the toxins. Sports massage is a preventative treatment dealing the health of muscle and connective tissue, range of movement, tone, symmetry, balance of muscle and quality of posture. Regular sessions ensure to increase joint mobility and flexibility and reduce tightness and risk of injury during exercise. Sports massage essentially breaks down scar tissue, increases blood flow, releases tension, anxiety and pain reduction.


Frictions massage is typically done using ball of the thumb to penetrate deep tissues. this technique involves pressing on the tissue and rubbing it back and forth over the underlying muscle. Frictions help to loosens knots in the muscles, increases blood flow and relieves tired and sore muscles.
Trigger points 
This type of massage therapy aims to alleviate the source of pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release. Benefits of trigger point massage include a significant decrease in pain, aches, muscle spasm and muscle knots.
Manual Therapy 
This is a physical treatment aimed to treat muscular skeletal pain and disability. Mainly targets pain in joints with joint mobilisations and soft tissue mobilisations with the aim to reduce pain, stiffness and increase range of movements and flexibility.
Pitch side / Ring side ETC
a sports therapist is qualified to provide first aid in a sport and exercise environment. in cases of an injury, sports therapists examine and assess injuries then determine whether the athlete can continue safely with the activity. Sports therapists may also be involved in rehabilitating injuries by using manual therapy techniques, frictions and trigger points. They can also apply tapping to reduce range or movement and to compress swelling. Additionally, they can design and monitor  rehabilitation programmes appropriate to the injury or sport. Alongside deciding whether players need extra treatments, they liaise with other healthcare professionals in the sport sector to provide the best possible service.

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