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Holistic and Natural Beauty and grooming

The Holistic Beauty Treatments


For further details on any of the treatment options mentioned below and for a quote or price list please ring 01922 649142, your an individual, so our prices must be individual to you

Below you will find a list of the principle range of treatments we offer here at Walsall Mind&Body Centre. Please click on the title of the treatment to see what it is all about, please feel free to ring and ask for further information or to discuss your individual requirements.  We carefully select the range of treatments that are offered here to ensure that they are compatible with our ethos. Before any treatment is undertaken a qualified beauty therapist will discuss it with you and ensure it is suitable for your skin type, your colouring and your health needs.


Holistic beauty ethos at Walsall Mind and Body Centre; we believe that beauty comes from within and is much more than skin deep. We believe that enabling a client to relax and experience treatments that nourish and calm the mind and spirit, will empower the client in a holistic way. We believe treatments which promote and support the natural processes of the body such as skin rejuvenation and cell renewal are the most powerful and offer the longest lasting benefits to clients. To promote balance and harmony we avoid treatments which have potentially harmful side effects, are invasive or use ingredients which are harmful to the planet.

We know that while men and women have differing needs in terms of grooming, looking and feeling good is important to everyone. we therefor offer both treatments suited to everyone which are then addapted to the needs of the individual based on what they wish to achieve.



We offer a comprehensive range of facials suited to various skin types, including anti aging treatments, facials for blemishes and problem skin and facials to cleanse tone and moisturise skin keeping it in glowing healthy condition.

Facial treatments                    


Mini facial

Ideal for clients who are starting a skin care routine and do not have any specific skin complaints to address. The mini facial includes cleansing, toning and scrub with a hydrating mask.


Spa facial

A relaxing treatment tailored to your own individual skin types using suitable products to take the best possible care of your skin. The spa facial includes cleansing, scrub, tone, mask, eye mask, tone and moisturise. It also provides a relaxing shoulder neck and facial massage with lymphatic draining to improve the overall functioning of your skins natural cleansing process’s

Collagen facial

This anti aging treatment can help to combat the signs of premature aging and give your skin a natural boost to make the most of what nature can do for you. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skins elasticity.  It also includes an intensive collagen mask made with minerals applied to the whole face.


Nail treatments and grooming treatments for the hands and feet


We offer a wide range of hand, foot and nail treatments individually, these can be tailored to your individual needs enabling you to combine health benefits such as reflexology with natural grooming to present that polished personal style, maintained to fit around your busy lifestyle. Please be assured that all of our nail, hand and foot treatments are equaly suited to male and female clients. While a femail client may wish to have nail polish applied gents will often opt for manual buff and polish leaving a natural varnish free look with a healthy shine, ideal for business meetings or general well groomed appearance.



Our manicure includes filing and shaping the nails, cuticle work, hand and arm massage to improve circulation and finishing with the application of the varnish of you choice from our range.


Basic manicure

This provides the same standard of treatment as the manicure but without the application of varnish, for those who prefer to add there own finishing touches later, or who are in a hurry.


Luxury manicure

The luxury manicure includes the same ingredients as the manicure, with the addition of a hydrating hand mask, with heated mitts and a special hand and arm reflexology massage.  This is an excellent treatment for rejuvenating hands and nails or to prepare for a special occasion.


French manicure

We also offer French manicure with a range of options please speak to our Holistic Beauty Therapist to discuss your individual requirements.



The ideal way to perk up tired feet and the person attached to them! The pedicure includes cutting file and shaping the nails, cuticle work, scrub and pumice applied to reduce hard skin and the application of varnish for that finishing touch.


Luxury pedicure

Our luxury pedicure includes the same ingredients as the manicure, with the addition of s relaxing foot and leg massage, and a foot mask with heated booties.


Deluxe pedicure

The ultimate treat for feet, our deluxe pedicure includes the same ingredients as our luxury massage, with the addition of a mini reflexology treatment included in the deluxe foot and leg massage.


Nail extensions

We offer a wide range of nail extensions depending on your needs and the condition of your nails, ring to speak to our Holistic Beauty specialist to see what will be the most suitable option for you.  Our range includes:

  • Shellac
  • Gel nails
  • Gel overlays
  • Nail art
  • Infill’s


Eye and brow treatments

Our eyes are the windows to the soul, so a little window dressing goes a long way.  We aim to enhance the natural appearance of your eyes, with the use of natural products and tints.  A brow shape can really open up the eye area giving you an alert awake expression, providing a frame for any eye make up you choose to apply.  Tints can also draw attention to the eye making you eyes appear vibrant. The use of extensions to your own eyelashes can add considerable impact.

All of these treatments are cost effective an in combination can provide a real boost to the natural appearance of your eye area.  Regular maintenance maximises the benefit so we suggest you discuss a maintenance programme with your therapist.

We offer lash and brow treatments including shaping, tinting and lash extensions, and can advise on just the right combination to give you a natural look matching your eye shape and colouring. Our customers find it is often cost effective way to add a lash or brow treatment to an existing treatment so please mention this if you are interested.


Salon range of instant inch loss and detox wraps

We offer a range of wraps from tried and tested ranges, which produce excellent results for a trimmer firmer figure.  This simple, natural and effective way to achieve skin tone is not about weight loss, it’s about toning firming and achieving rejuvenated silky smooth skin.

The wraps are designed to encourage the elimination of waste products, while tightening and toning the skin, they may reduce cellulite, improve skin condition as well as loosing inches.  These wraps do not work by reducing the body’s water balance or impairing hydration, in fact we encourage clients to drink 10 glasses of water per day.

The way the wraps work is using scientifically formulated natural ingredients such as clays, essential oils or even chocolate; to stimulate lymphatic process’s to remove waste products at a cellular level, ridding the body of excess fat deposits and cellulite.

This process can enhance the appearance of legs, hips, arms tummy’s, breasts and buttocks.  Inch loss will be noticeable and subject to continuing with a healthy lifestyle can be maintained.  The improvements to skin tone and texture may improve stretch marks and some other blemishes.

For information please ring to speak to a Holistic Beauty specialist.

Aqua foot detox

This popular treatment is highly recommended as a relaxing way to detox and unwind.  The process detoxifies the body getting rid of unwanted cellular fats and toxins by improving circulation and lymph draining action within the body. The aqua detox mechanism has been extensively tested in clinic setting and found to be effective.  It helps reduce water retention, helps to speed up the metabolism, reduce feelings of bloating and improve general circulation.  It is excellent for reducing fatigue and sluggish feelings. The process can improve dry skin conditions and eczema and may in some cases improve sleep.  The treatment which takes approximately 40 minutes includes a free Indian head massage to aid relaxation and maximise the impact of the treatment.

Fake Tanning,

We use market leading tanning products made from natural ingredients such as sugar cane and minerals, which produce a long lasting natural looking tan, because we use only natural products that have a low environmental impact. In fact the main active ingredient (a colourless derivative of sugar cane), works by reacting with your skins superficial layers to create a natural looking tan.

The process involves the use of a pre-tan exfoliant to prepare your skin, and coming to the salon without moisturiser, make up or any other product, so that the tan can be applied to fresh new skin. This will be followed by the application itself in the salon. 2 to 3 hours after the application of tan you should begin to notice the tan begins to develop as the skin darkens naturally. The tan should be fully developed after 24 hours.  Ideally you should not shower or bath for 8 hours after the application of spray tan.

You can expect your tan to last about 6 to 10 days, and remember healthy skin tans best so for best results come and see a beauty therapist to discuss your skin type and skin care needs before you start the process.

Although dark skin does offer some protection against the suns harmful effects we would always recommend the careful use of sun screen especially if you are holidaying abroad, this is particularly inportant if you are naturally fair skinned, so discuss this with the therapist doing the tan.

For information please ring to speak to a Holistic Beauty specialist.