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Walsall Mind and Body Centre is your local provider of Complementary and Natural Health Care Services. We provide the widest range of Complemenrary therapies, alternative therapies and Holistic health treatments within the Black Country, probably across the west Midlands. These are provided alongside our mainstream medical treatments Our aim is to bridge the gap between what the NHS provides and what you can do to take care of yourself. The range of treatments here includes:

  • Mainstream medical treatments like Physiotherapy, acupuncture or clinical psychology,
  • Integrated healthcare, which combines modern medical approaches with complementary therapies,
  • Holistic treatments such as massage, reflexology, homeopathy and reiki
  • Talking therapies including; hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching.

Whether you are looking to de-stress or to improve your health, to tackle specific medical conditions and just to improve your general wellbeing, we will do our very best to meet your needs.

Below are the main categories click on the links for more detailed information.

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Talking Therapies



Hypnotherapy can be a very helpful option for people who want to change there habits thoughts or behaviour

HYPNOTHERAPY is the application of psycho therapeutic techniques in such a way as to bring about positive therapeutic benefits for the client, whilst the client is in a relaxed and comfortable state referred to as a hypnotic trance. A Therapist acts as a guide enabling the client to activate their inner resources in order to achieve therapeutic goals.£45 an hour (free half hour consultation available upon request)

Hypnotherapy can be booked with:

£45 book-now-button-longer-md prices vary depending on the treatment option selected

Stop Smoking

This service helps you through an easy and quick process of stopping smoking and becoming a confirmed and passionate non-smoker using hypnotherapy. Dr Electra Soady, who specialises in supporting people through life changes and personal transformation, will apply her considerable skills and experience to acting as your personal guide from the point you decide to quit right through to celebrating your success.

£147 book-now-button-longer-md

Clinical Psychology

A Clinical Psychologist is a highly trained specialist working in the therapeutic application of the scientific study of human thought and behaviour. Registered Psychology is a legally regulated professional made up of who has a postgraduate qualification. Clinical psychologists are trained by the NHS, just like doctors and nurses, and most work there too, many also work in private practice. Our clinical psychologist is Dr Nick Johl

Dr Nick Johl

Dr Nick Johl clinical Psychologist

Registered clinical psychologists have a degree in psychology plus an additional three to five years of postgraduate experience and university training in applying the science of psychology to clinical problems. It takes a minimum of six years to qualify as a registered clinical psychologist, and the qualification that Registered clinical psychologists hold is a doctorate in clinical psychology.

Clinical psychologists help a wide range of people of all ages with all sorts of problems, for example those with particular emotional or mental health problems, such as depression or schizophrenia, bi-polar effective disorder. Others patients may have difficulties with their thoughts, which can take many forms, such as problems with memory or perception after a head injury, a learning disability or dementia.

A clinical Psychologist may treat people living with health conditions such as HIV, cancer or chronic pain, assisting people who have difficulties in sustaining relationships or both victims, survivors and perpetrators of abuse.

In determining a treatment plan, a clinical psychologist will consider what scientific research says about its probable cause and what will be likely to help. Then based on this a plan including how many sessions and which specific approaches / techniques to use will be developed. A session with a Clinical Psychologist will take up to an hour and will be both private and confidential (as set out with law and good practice and with the same limitations as a GP), although under some circumstances others such as family members or carers may be present it is usually one to one. Usually a session will be either an assessment or part of an on-going treatment plan.

£60 book-now-button-longer-md

Other Talking Therapies

In addition to Hypnotherapy we also offer a range of Psychotherapy/Talking treatments including counselling, integrative Psychotherapy,coaching  mentoring and mediation.

Counselling can be booked with Denver Jones and coaching mediation and mentoring can also be booked

Physical Therapies



We offer a wide range of massage treatments including therapuetic massage for those who have injured themselves

We take a holistic approach to massage, customizing the routine to the client and paying careful attention to their individual wants and needs. We look at the cause of your tension and work holistically to help restore your natural inner balance. All of our massages are tailored to give the perfect treatment for the individual. Our team of highly trained therapists use a range of techniques including advanced hands free, trigger point and deep muscle releases. This reflects their individual training and experience, if you would prefer a different technique or have particular preferences please discuss this with your therapist.


Other Complementary Natural and Holistic Therapies

At Walsall Mind and Body Centre we offer a full range of complimentary natural and holistic therapies, by comementary we mean those which are based on natural health, are a complemetn to other treatmetns such as mainstream medicine, and put the emphasis on the whole person. This is what is meant by holistic health, whole person body mind and spirit, balanced and healthy. included in this range we offer Reflexology, ear candling, aromatherapy and much else besides.

We also offer body treatments to promote well-being and to bring about specific results such as skin tightening, inch loss, skin softening and detoxification. These include body wraps, body scrubs and specialist treatments for example white chocolate skin softening body wrap.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies are those which are by nature quite different to traditional medical treatment, they are not by any means an alternative to medicine but they arrise from an arternative viewpoint. They work well alongside both mainstream medicine and complimentary therapy, promoting feelings of wellbeing and relaxation. Many draw on eastern philosophies, treat the client as a whole. Reiki is an example of energy healing and uses healing energy channelled or directed by the therapist.

Beauty and Grooming Treatments

We provide a range of Holistic Beauty treatments, please ring 01922 649 142 for details. Our beauty treatments aim to enhance what nature provides using only natural products which are environmentally friendly and good for you. We offer treatments which work with your own body and its natural processes; including waxing, facials, eye treatments, manicure and pedicure.


To ensure that we are able to offer you the right service for your needs we offer a consultation service which includes a number of options for assessments and a discussion of your physical requirements. Based on these we are able to recommend a treatment, give advice on lifestyle choices and if necessary refer you on to other professionals.


-all clients are required to complete a questionnaire which includes a full medical history and consent form, no treatment can be undertaken without this information.

-clients requesting integrated healthcare, acupuncture, sports, smoking cessation or therapeutic massage may in addition be requested to complete a form detailing injuries or problems to be treated along with some lifestyle questions.



For more information please call 01922649142

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