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Andrea Bradley

What is the best and most cost effective way to manage your health and well being in Walsall

We all have choices to make about how to manage our own health, but it would seem for many people those choices are being made by someone else, we are choosing not to choose!

What is the reasoning behind the treatment options we rely on for our  health? For a great many people it’s become quite simple ‘what does my Dr say?’. Many people have simply become dependant on there GP to make decisions for them, and don’t stop to think ‘what can I do to improve my health’ which is a bit like expecting your local garage to take responsibility for all aspects of keeping your car running, from choosing the fuel to booking it in for its MOT. There are a much wider range of options available for example Walsall Mind and Body Centre on the Broadway in Walsall is a one stop shop for complementary and natural health care, there are Pharmacies with staff trained to do simple tests and offer free advice, there’s shops selling cheap safe remedies.

Our cars are our responsibility, and we have a wide range of choices about how to maintain them. In the past we would have changed our own oil (remember all those dip stick jokes), spark plugs, checked the temperature gage regularly etc, would have taken it to different garages depending on what was wrong and in many cases fixed it ourselves. So here is a radical thought, what if we did the same with our health. What if we started with self help,then moved to trying a Pharmacy or ringing Walsall Mind and Body Centre, and only going to the GP if we couldn’t sort it out ourselves? Wouldn’t that be quicker, simpler and often cheaper? YES.

Obviously there are times when an illness is acute or serious when a GP is absolutely the right person to help you, but if that’s the case, your pharmacist will say ‘go to your GP’ an appropriately qualified therapist will say ‘go to see your GP and let me know how that goes I may be able to help you manage those symptoms’. In order to make sure the advice is right choose the right therapist. Your Pharmacist is professionally qualified and so should your therapist be. At Walsall Mind and Body we rigorously check the qualifications and professional standing of all our therapists. Some of us already work within the NHS as well as privately, we are all qualified in line with National Occupational Standards, members of professional bodies and fully insured, we have Drs, most of our staff have Degree’s some have Master Degree’s, one of us has a research based PHD and we are all fully qualified in anatomy and physiology.

Local Complementary and natural health care provider wins national award

So the  NHS is not the only provider of health and well being for people in Walsall and in some cases with the cost of prescriptions (or if you factor in lost earnings for the self employed etc ) not the cheapest. Have you considered getting low cost health insurance which often covers basic health care and complementary therapies? Have you visited your local pharmacist to discuss over the counter remedies and medicines? Have you spoken to a homeopath or a complementary therapist?

So if we saw the NHS as part of our health care support system, took responsibility for making choices about our health and about treatment options ourselves, how would that effect the NHS? Well I think most GPs would be thrilled, the waiting times for appointments would drop, and the costs of wasted prescriptions would plummet. That is why the NHS and the World Health Organisation are both trying to integrate these other options into people’s approach to health. The lets get back to basics approach in this instance might be seen as establishing a system of ‘Traditional English Indigenous and Other Medicine’ rather like in China, India and elsewhere in the world where people don’t always rush to the GP and his prescription pad.

What would a traditional English and Other Medicine System offer the NHS? The world Health Organisation (WHO) has been trying since 1993 (WHO document FR/RC26/TD/1) to support the integration of traditional (or indigenous) medicine within primary care systems around the world. The reasons for this are complex but in summary include; patent choice and trust, the fact that traditional medicines are based on the historical and cultural context of an area and may therefor provide a more comfortable experience for the patient, and importantly financial factors.

The primary financial factors are that some populations may have relatively low access to western style (Allopathic) medicine, and the cost of western medicine can be relatively high, largely because of the role of pharmaceuticals and companies that develop and sell surgical equipment. What are the implications of this for the UK and specifically for us here in Walsall? Well WHO is trying hardest to implement the integration of traditional and western medication in poorer countries where the population are more likely to be effected by deprivation in terms of health care. Well of course that is never the same in the UK or is it? Isn’t it the case that most of us are under pressure financially?

The NHS is funded by national insurance contributions, and as our population lives longer and longer the squeeze on the NHS gets tighter and services are cut. As governments make choices about spending, cuts cuts cuts! The NHS is under more and more pressure.  Patients often have to  wait a long time to see a specialist such as a Physiotherapist, or a psychotherapist. There is always the option to go to a private hospital to see the specialist but the cost of this can be prohibitively high (over £100 just to see a Consultant privately) so only those with a higher income can afford this option. But private hospitals are not the only place to see a clinician, in Walsall and elsewhere there are local (cheaper) alternatives in small local clinics and holistic health care settings.

Pharmaceutical treatments are often the first line of treatment with the NHS followed often by surgery or invasive tests if Pharmaceuticals don’t work. The patient doesn’t have to meet the full cost of this directly the NHS does, which means we pay indirectly. However this method of paying does mean that the people who make profit are the ones making the Pharmaceuticals and the surgical equipment, and they maintain high prices, putting a further squeeze on the NHS and leading to ‘rationing’ and the infamous ‘post code lottery’.

So looking back at traditional medicine and health care in the primary health setting, what does this have to offer. Its cheaper, sending a person with a back pain for a massage is vastly cheaper than sending them to see a consultant surgeon, and they can still see the surgeon if the massage doesn’t give them enough relief. Seeing a homeopath instead of taking Pharmaceuticals is probably much cheaper in the long run, and eases the burden on the GP. Hypnotherapy for IBS is actually recommended in the UK, however the NHS won’t write a prescription for it, they simply keep prescribing drugs for years to manage the symptoms.

In short if the We as individuals implemented the WHO plan for the integration of traditional medicine into primary health it would benefit the NHS, the patient and the economy, could lead to shorter waiting times and offer greater patient choice. So who would loose out? The drug companies and companies that make surgical equipment? WHO cares. Pester your GP, your MP and anyone else who will listen.

Any way, until then please remember that if you need us we are here, offering high quality traditional treatments, at cost effective prices and with no waiting lists ( you will usually be seen within a few days, and no rationing) so if you have a back pain, or IBS or many other non emergency (and quite a few acute/serious conditions) conditions give us a call, oh and by the way, if you do have private medical insurance much of what we do is covered.

Andrea Bradley

Walsall Mind and Body Centre

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the Broadway


West Midlands


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Have we got choices about how we respond to stress?

Have you ever considered why such emphasis is placed on Stress as a cause of illness? Or why some people seem to think that most if not all all illness is either influenced or caused by stress?Strangely we seem to have become desensitised and dismissive of stress ‘oh she’s a bit stressed at the moment’ ‘he worries to much, a real stress head’ without really thinking what we mean, or the seriousness of stress.

Stress affects us in many ways, especially our body’s. People often under estimate the impact stress can have on our physical well being, it affects most of our body systems in some one way or another. Our hypothalamus, pituitary gland and adrenal glands combine in a triad response to any situation that we experience as stressful. In the short term, this can be helpful by giving us a boost of energy to run away, or respond to a threatens situation.

Over time though this triad pattern of chemical change become unhelpful, then damaging and in the longer term can become dangerous. Neurotransmitters interact directly with the tissues of our endocrine system, the system that produces the hormones which are the chemical messages to manage our other body systems such as digestion, circulation and respiration. The hypothalamus releases a hormone called cortisol which acts on the anterior pituitary, which releases another chemicals. If this chemical is constantly present stimulating us then we are in a constant state of readiness to respond to a perceived threat.

Our digestion slows and becomes less efficient, our respiration is increased sending more oxygen to give energy to our cells, our circulation is altered to provide more blood and thus more energy to the major muscle groups used in running, fighting ETC. Over time this can lead to digestive problems, poor nutrition, heart disease and peripheral nerve damage.

Elevated levels of cortisol, the so called ‘stress hormone’ can lead to suppressed thyroid function, cognitive impairment and increased blood pressure, decreased bone density, lowered immunity and increases in inflammatory responses.

But hey, we have choices! Much stress is lifestyle related, based on how we organise our time, the choices we make about priorities and family life’s and spending choices. Some stress is a result of other people’s pressure on us, but often we have choices both in how to react and how to take care of ourselves. So what if we chose to make positive personal choices and avoid unhelpful or unnecessary stress factors. What if we chose to look after ourselves?

Complimentary therapies can help in a number of ways, lets look at some examples. A massage stimulates the production of endorphins, another hormone, but one which encourages relaxation of body systems, potentially combating the effects of cortisol. Reflexology can produce a more balanced internal state, this can enable your body to cope better with the elevated levels of adrenaline and cortisol, but can also enable your body to rest, relax and release the chemicals that have built up in the system as a result of the imbalanced biochemistry experienced as stress. Aromatherapy can use specific oils to stimulate and regulate glandular responses such as he secretion of cortisol, certain oils such as lavender have an impact on both the emotional and physical state, leading to very deep relaxation to enable you to rest and let go of things that have been troubling you.

We can choose to use complimentary therapy to help you manage stress and limit its impact on your body and mind. A good place to start might be to book a session with one of our Hypnotherapists, to learn some stress management techniques. this might be followed by a series of treatments with our therapist, perhaps starting with some reflexology and progressing to massage or aromatherapy massage.

To book consultation please ring 01922 649142 or email why not Visit our website like our Facebook page where there are lots of tips for health and wellbeing.Keep an eye open for our special offers, events and open days, which give you a chance to experience the benefits of a treatment at a much reduced price.

Gents skin care MOT and servicing at Walsall Mind and Body

New To Walsall Mind and Body Centre ‘The Gentleman’s Buff and Polish’

Men sharpen up your style and get skin savvy with skin treatment designed just for men.

Forget the clichés let’s face the facts with the effects of daily shaving, ingrown hairs, skin dryness and irritation you need to treat the skin on your face just as much, if not more than ladies do!

So if you’re looking for tighter, taught healthy skin or you want combat the signs ageing then buff- up and give your skin an m.o.t.

A basic service includes;

A deep cleanse

Skin buff exfoliation – to unclog the pores and banish in-grown hairs

A Seaweed mud mask- to drawing out impurities

Hot towel steaming – face is steamed using hot towels, restoring moisture and soothing irritation

A relaxing neck and shoulder massage

A vigorous head massage- great for clearing sinuses and relieving headaches

Your skin will then be polished to perfection with a facial oil, using natural oils to suit your skin type and applied in a facial massage.

The massage helps to restore muscle tone, working on the jawline to reduce that dreaded sagging chin! Then finger pressures and circling movements applied to the tight facial muscles to release tension and restore blood flow. The eye area is treated to prevent appearance of wrinkles and heavy bags and the forehead is also targeted to prevent from horizontal lines.

So if you’re in need of some maintenance and care are about your over-all physique don’t rule facials out the road to rejuvenation is open to you!

Officially the Best Massage Service in the UK

Walsall Mind and Body Centre is part of The Best of Walsall, a local branch of a nationwide network which acts “a hub for thebestof everything local where you can find the best businesses as recommended by real local people, get access to the best offers from those businesses” managed locally by entrepreneur Alex Murray and his Daughter Sarah Rhodes. Walsall Mind and Body Centre has been a member of the Best of Walsall since 2009.

Walsall Mind and Body is a family run business which is based on the Broadway at Fullbrook, and has been there providing a wide range of Complimentary and natural Health care services for over 5 years. The centre is run by Husband and wife team Andrew Davies and Andrea Bradley who have brought together a team of people who bridge the gap between what the NHS can provide and what Patients need to manage their symptoms.

This year Walsall Mind and Body have been recognised twice for the exceptional quality of their work. In January they were Recognised for continuous outstanding customer feedback, and awarded the ‘Gold Standard’. In addition the Business have now been voted the provider of the best loved massage in the UK by local people as part of the national ‘loved and Local’ competition. They have been invited to attended a prestigious ceremony at the Mayors Parlour in March to receive the award.

Alex Murray local manager of the Best of Walsall says about the national competition “over 20,000 businesses were in the competition from the start and just over 600 got through to the finals in January 2015. So a fantastic achievement to get to the finals and outstanding to win a category”.

Andy Davies one of the directors at Walsall Mind and Body Centre Says “we are so pleased and proud to be recognised in this way and would like to say a huge Thank you to all of our customers for their continued support” “it’s a great feeling to know that what we do is appreciated by the clients we help, and to win a national award is just amazing!”

The centre provides the following range of massage services:

Sports /remedial Massage

Deep tissue massage

Aromatherapy massage

Holistic massage

Swedish massage

Indian head massage

Mechanical massage

Alex Simon and the rest of the team are the key to our success in this area as members of the team at Walsall Mind and Body Centre

“We carefully select the therapists we work with to ensure that they are compatible with our ethos. All of our therapists are fully qualified, insured and are members of professional bodies that regulate their practice”

All of our have been to university and are highly qualified massage therapist with their own specialisms.

Alex Simon

Aromatherapy Lead therapist

Alex Simon is a fully qualified holistic therapist, who specialises is aromatherapy treatments. She is qualified as an aromatherapist, a reflexologist and holistic beauty, and as a massage therapist integrates various modalities into her treatments. Alex’s aim in any treatment is to promote balance in mind and body to support overall health and well being.

Using the art of aromatherapy, either as a stand alone treatment or as an aspect integrated into another treatment Alex is able to achieve a powerful therapeutic benefit for her clients. The essential oils Alex uses are of the highest quality and work to facilitate the bodies own healing and the minds self help. The oils work both through contact with the skin and through our sensory reaction to them, and through their impact on Brain chemistry. The expertise Alex brings to blending the oils is considerable and creative. Alex can prescribe oil blends for various conditions and a skin types and for stress relief and relaxation.

Alex works in a person centred way designing each treatment in accordance with the clients needs and goals. These treatments provide excellent value for money.

Alex works professionally with a wide range of clients and has particular expertise in working with clients with special needs, learning disabilities and mental health problems. she has particular expertise in working with clients who are on the Autistic spectrum.

To find out more about what we offer please visit our website where you can also book online, give us a call on 01922649142, or join us on facebook, just search for Walsall Mind and Body.

Is it really possible to cure a phobia?

National Council for Hypnotherapy Gill Wood,  gave an interview with an overview of her work on phobias. Gill has a general practice in London and has a special interest in dealing with phobias. She says she finds working with clients who have a phobia is great because she can often get really significant results in two or three hours. Many of her clients have lived with a phobia for years and it has completely compromised their ability to live a normal life. Often these people have tried all sorts of other things with no success. So, says Gill, to work with someone to enable them to get back in the world and do things they couldn’t do before is one of the most rewarding parts of their practice. Gill has many examples of how she has helped someone overcome a phobia and change life for the better. She talks about a lady in her late 20s who was engaged and planning a dream honeymoon in the Seychelles. But she also had a spider phobia and was then told that there were many spiders, including some living in trees in the Seychelles.

Her phobia was so bad that at the beginning of her first session she could not even say the word ‘spider’ – Gill had to use the term ‘s’ instead. Gill spent the first session uncovering the cause of the phobia (which turned out to be an event which had happened to the client when she was 10). By the end of this session Gill was able to bring in a box containing a cartoon video of a spider. Not only was the client able to tolerate the box, she also said she would try to watch the video! She came back for one more session, and by that time she had booked the honeymoon. Another success story was a teenage girl who needed to fly on a school trip. The girl’s flying phobia was so severe that she had got off planes on the tarmac before. A couple of hours of hypnotherapy did the trick and the girl flew on her trip. Her mum was pleased to receive an email saying her daughter had arrived and the flight had been fine. Another client who had a flying phobia, but this involved a phobia of being sick on a plane. Gill future paced her journey out and the client arrived just fine and had a great holiday. Unfortunately Gill had not future paced the return journey. The client, believing she had overcome her problem had a meal the evening before her return. But the difference between out and back was enough to see the phobia return. She came back to Gill on her return and a bit more work saw the phobia off for good. Gill said she really learnt from this just how unique and specific each phobia is to the individual and how the more precise the treatment is, the better the result will be. Gill frequently uses timeline regression to get to the cause of the phobia, she will then future pace the client. She also uses self help techniques and anchoring and sometimes uses EFT. She also uses the fast phobia cure.

Andrea Bradley, Clinical Hypnotherapist

My Name is Andrea Bradley an I work in Walsall Mind and Body Centre, on the Broadway near to the Fulbrook, and have worked very successfully for many years with fears and phobia’s. To discuss how I might help you please give me a call 01922 649142 Or visit our website at

What is meant by the term complementary therapy and why should we all be getting in on the act?

Walsall Mind and Body is an holistic health centre, but many people are unfamiliar with that word, so we use it less often these days. Holistic health is characterised by the belief a person is more than the sum of our parts, that these parts (our Mind and Body, with all that that entails) are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Holistic health treats the whole person, taking into account mental emotional and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. This used to be a marginalised and ‘out there’ concept but increasingly modern medicine is recognising the interconnectedness of factors which; predispose us to illness, affect our mental and emotional wellbeing, impact on recovery times etc. In other words modern medicine is becoming more holistic.

When I talk to people I use a range of words and sometimes unfamiliar terms to explain or work, so lets have a look at what they mean and how this relates to you.

I offer talking therapy as a clinical hypnotherapist obviously this includes hypnotherapy. My colleagues at our centre of other talking therapies such as counselling and clinical psychology. Other therapists working within our team offer physical therapies such as physiotherapy, massage, reflexology. That’s a bit of a mouthful over the phone! So I thought I would explain what these treatments have in common, why they all sit neatly under one umbrella within our centre.

Here at Walsall Mind and Body we offer a range of services which sit within a field referred as ‘integrative health care’ what this means is mainstream health services working with other services which are seen as either allied to medicine (such as Physiotherapy) mental health (Clinical Psychologists) or Complementary therapies (Clinical hypnotherapy, massage, reflexology). 

We are not an alternative to medicine, we work in an integrated way with mainstream medicine. We take referrals from other services and have worked for the NHS providing therapy sessions, we do reports for personal injury cases and send information to GPs about conditions we are treating (with the clients consent of course) our aim being to be part of your ‘treatment plan’ and on your ‘care team’ as we often say to clients ‘taking care of you is at the heart of all that we do’.

To try and put this across more easily we use the phrase ‘complementary and natural health care services’ our services being a complement  to the rest of your treatment were appropriate or the provider of your treatment where that’s the best option for you. The advantage of our provision as a front line first port of call is that we can usually get you seen within a few days, and in many cases the same or the following day, so for something like a pulled muscle or back ache we can probably get you back to work more quickly (and often with less pain killers) than your GP who would need to refer you on. 

Another advantage of our services is that they are often covered by private health insurance. This usually works through a pay and reclaim process and most insurers can provide a list of what is covered and what the conditions for cover are, if you get that info and ring us we can look at these and see if the treatment would be covered. We can also provide packages of treatments to keep prices down, and let’s be honest our prices are in any case very good value, especially compared to time off work for the self employed.


We hope this has put a bit of context around our work, if you would like to find out more, just ask to speak to me and I’ll be more than happy to help. I also give talks on complimentary and natural health care to clubs and associations so get in touch to discuss that

Andrea Bradley

Centre manager and principle therapist

Walsall Mind and Body Centre Complementary and Natural Health Care Services

4a Hawes CloseFullbrookThe BroadwayWalsall 



Easter is the season of new life and growth; give yourself new life, put a spring in your step. Stop Smoking now

Dr Electra Soady Using her considerable skills and experience in hypnotherapy, NLP, CBH, psychotherapy  and coaching will guide you from the point you decide to control the smoking habit right through to celebrating your success. Only 6% of smokers manage to quit through sheer willpower, 9% through self help and 10% with nicotine gum. Dr Soady’s success rate is around 85%, with something like 80% of people quitting after just one session.

These results exceed the scientifically calculated averages according to the New Scientist. This is because, rather than just using an off the wall standard text, she tailor makes the hypnotic script to suit your own needs and personality. To achieve this she also offers longer sessions than the standard 1 hour. So, when you begin the therapy, and after an explanation of what hypnotherapy is and why it works, you will be asked to talk about your smoking history and current habits, and things like your hobbies and what made you to want to quit now. It is important that Dr Soady gathers from you all the relevant information, so she can choose the combination of techniques which will be most effective for you personally.  

Tried to stop smoking again and again?Our QUIT SMOKING SERVICE  helps you through an easy and quick process to become a non smoker for life using hypnotherapy. Stopping smoking through hypnotherapy is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to become a non-smoker for life (New Scientist, issue 1845, Oct 92, p 6).

All you have to do is really want to quit, and give yourself permission to stop the habit which is costing you a fortune while slowly killing you. Our £147 package on offer includes:    A free initial half hour assessment, continued /  followed up, if you wish, with:  Up to 3 sessions, each lasting typically 2 hours (or longer if this is what  you need)  during the following 6 months.   Telephone/ e-mail  text support after treatment, during the following year, as and if required.
A free Quit Smoking book (though most clients don’t need it), a free relaxation CD and a recording of your session.

Incredibly, most people kick the habit after one session only, and with minimum help afterwards. But those who may require further help are welcome back for further sessions

If you need more information, or you are ready to say YES!  to a healthier future (and save money too) ring the Centre on 01922 649 142 and ask to speak to Electra or Andrea or email 

Alternatively make an appointment via the contact us page or the Book Now icon on our website

Dr Electra Soady (PhD), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, CBT and NLP coach specialist.