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Other talking therapies

Other talking therapies



Counselling provides a supportive environment and relationship in which people are able to talk through their personal difficulties and explore troubling feelings. It is confidential and none judgemental.



Coaching is a process through which an individual gains support and learning enabling them to achieve a specific personal or professional goal. The coach acts as a guide and provides techniques and tools for use with the other person with the aim of empowering them to take charge of their own performance.
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A mentor is a person with knowledge and experience which they pass on to the person or couple being mentored to allow them to grow and develop to resolve conflict and to explore more usefull ways of dealing with challenges.



Is a process of facilitation where one person who is apropriately skilled qualified and experienced guides two or more people through discussing issues that have proved problematic for them to resolve without support. Examples of situations in which mediation are useful include; Divorce agreements, child custody agreements, neighbour disputes and work place relationships.
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