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If you have any problems using this service please ring 01922649142 and we do our best to help. We are also always interested to hear any feedback on your experience of using this service

Existing customers:book-now-button-longer-md

To make it as easy as possible for you to book, there are two options; 1 to book without membership / login details just jump down to the select a service list without clicking login. 2 Members can log in using the account details that will be issued to you by us. To get membership details contact us.

  • Please ring 01922649142 if you have any problems with using our online booking service, we really want to help. We can also help if you have requested personal login details but have forgotten your password or would like to be re-issued with login details.
  • To book more than one service at the same time click ‘book multiple services’, after you have done that scroll down and click the + symbol to add the treatments you wish to book, (as many as you like) then go to the bottom of the page and click ‘next’ to find a suitable week, day and time for your appointment (sometimes appointments may be available on the same day, but not always) . A screen will then ask you for some details. Finally please scroll down and click ‘request’ to book it.

If you have any problems using this service please do get in touch. We will then do our best to help so please ring on 01922649142 or text 07495893708

to read the online customer help file click this logo

please be aware the booking portal isn’t optimised for smart phones, but the version on our Facebook page is so if you want to book while using a mobile phone please click this link

download (1) Click to book via our smart phone optomised facebook portal